Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Maggie Stiefvater Signing and Giveaway!

I just got back from a great time from the Maggie Stiefvater signing at Borders in Glendale. I got a lot of books signed and stay tuned for my first giveaway ever!

A few weeks ago, Linger was released! Yay! To celebrate the release, Maggie is on a book tour. I was able to attend her Glendale event! She gave us a lot of funny anecdotes about her past and her writing. Love this doll!

There was also an art contest with a bunch of beautiful pieces. One doll did an excellent job by writing a full song, singing it, and having the music to the song play in the background. The winners were determined by the applause from the audience and the three judges, one of them being Maggie. Here are the winners:

The third place winner was the Shiver "mock movie poster." She won a copy of Linger. The second place winner was the doll that sang the song that she wrote. She won copies of Shiver and Linger. The first place winner was the doll that made the top most piece of art, showing the titles of the three books in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series (Shiver being the first book, Linger the second book, and Forever is the last and final book which comes out some time next year). She won all four of Maggie's books.

I also got a chance to take a picture with her before I left. You can see the rest of my pictures from the signing on my Facebook album.

I got Shiver personalized, since she already signed it from winning it a few months back. She also signed Linger, and while I was there I purchased Lament and Ballad. Both of those books are from a different series of hers, and I've yet to read them, but they are next on my list of books to read.

Now for the giveaway! Maggie was kind enough sign 7 bookmarks for me (One for me, one for my doll Rachel, who I was able to get a copy of Linger signed), and 5 to giveaway!

They are double sided, but she only signed the side with the quote from Linger on it. My purpose in running this giveaway is to gain more readers. I love my 19 readers, but I wouldn't hurt to have more, so here's how this giveaway is going to work.

There will be 5 winners. To enter this giveaway you need to be a follower. I also need you to leave a comment with your name and email address. Please leave your email address, or I won't be able to let you know you won a bookmark.

There's also ways to gain extra entries!

+1 Entry for following me on Twitter: @SweetLadyJess Please leave your username so that I can see that you are following me.

+1 Entry Each for Tweeting, Facebook post, Sidebar etc. Please leave links so that I may see that you tweeted, posted etc. Here's how to directly link tweets, and for facebook it's pretty much the same.

I'm going to draw the names the old fashion way. I'm placing your name, times the number of entries on a piece of paper, and I'll place the piece of papers in one of my totes. I'll draw the winners that way. I want to give this giveaway 4 weeks, so that I may get more readers. This giveaway ends on August 23, 2010 11:59 PST. US and Canada only please! Post is a bit much for me (I don't have a job).

I really need you to keep in mind that I'm doing this giveaway so that I may have more readers, so please spread the word!

I also wanted to have my readers know that the title of my blog has been changed from "Live, Love, Laugh" to "Live, Laugh, Love." I felt like it rang better and it reminds of the film Eat Pray Love, which I really want to see!

Stay tuned this week for a "Things I Love Thursday," "From the Stacks," an update from my Disneyland trip, and a future "In My Mailbox." One of the things that came in my mailbox that you have already seen is my copy of Linger from Amazon. It's a lot cheaper on Amazon. I'm still waiting for things to come in, so the "In My Mailbox" post will come in a lot later. I've won a bunch of books and swag again!

Thank you for reading!

Love and Sugar from me, Jess


  1. Great photos!
    I'm super jealous.
    (not an entry)

  2. Haha Hi!
    Im now a follower *I LOVE finding new blogs so this is a perfect way, a win win for both of us :)*

    and I follow you on twitter @sheba201


  3. I'd enter your contest, but I was there too! ;o) Did I talk to you???

  4. Juju: Thanks for your comments doll!

    Ari: Totally entered! Thank you!

    Janelle: I don't think we talked. I was sitting next to my mamma the entire time. Where did you sit?

  5. This is an official entry for Courtney Rae.

    She promises to follow you as soon as her computer stops wreaking havoc.
    Oh and she follows you on twitter :)

    Her email is courtneyyrae@gmail.com

    However if her computer is still non-working and you dont get a reply you may have to ask her to DM you on twitter. (she apologizes for all the inconveniences)

    Ari and Courtney :P

  6. Great contest. I am always jealous of fellow book lovers who've gotten to meet Maggie!



    Oh, I follow you on Twitter, also - @Lavender_Lines