Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things I Love Thursday!

Every Thursday I'm going to have "Things I Love Thursday!" I pretty much got the idea from this great woman known as Gala Darling. She is an excellent "everything" adviser. Great doll. So I always wanted to try my own "Things I Love Thursday," and to christen my first edition of this I want to think about the Earth.

As you may already know, April the 22nd is Earth Day. If you love the Earth, then you are going to need to watch the new documentary by Disney Nature productions respectively called Earth. If you purchase tickets for opening weekend, Disney will plant a tree in your honor.

So as a thing to love, lets think about earth friendly items.

There are too many plastic bags that end up in land fills. The best way to take all your shopping goodies home is by buying a reusable tote. My favorite tote is at Dogeared.

This tote says it all. Be good to your mother, and your mother will be good to you. The same website has other great totes to help take care of the Earth!

From the website:
Give Mother Earth some green peace of mind. This colorful new tote is perfect for throwing over the shoulder and going about your day with anything and everything - from books to beach gear to laundry. Going green has never been this easy with the whole world on your shoulders. Mom would be so proud!

Take some time to really think about things that you can get rid of than can help reduce the amount of waist that is in land fills. You know ever know what you could do without.

In the same website, they have this cute and excellent little necklace that looks cute and is good for the planet since the net profits from sale go to organizations that help our world heal.

This little necklace can be purchased in gold dipped or in sterling silver. I usually prefer all things gold, and this necklace is no exception. Why not purchase something that is good for the planet and something that looks good on you!

Also this Earth Day at the Disney Store, if you take 3 plastic bottles to the store, you get a free reusable drinking bottle for free, while supplies last. I might not be able to make it to that because of school, but they are also selling a lot eco-friendly products. They are selling more totes, water bottles, and aprons and t-shirts made from cotton and plastic bottles.

And speaking of shirts, let talk about Earth Day shirts. There are a lot out there but here are 2 of my favorite ones.

Both of these shirts are very cute to show your spirit for Mother Earth. Plus, right now, if you purchase 2 shirts on the dELiAs website you save $10. Very nice!

Now let's talk shoes!!! We all love shoes, or at least I do. Vans has these great shoes that are made with Dri-Lex with bamboo insole lining. I looked for them in the Vans website, but they didn't have them in my size, but I found them in many sizes on and in the 3 colors that they provide. Here are my favorite ones! These are too cute to pass out on and they go with practically everything!
Lastly, every girl needs to read up on what they can do to make sure that they live a green life. Make sure to add this book to your library so that you can be armed when it comes to defending why things need to change for a better tomorrow. You can find it in Barnes and Noble or Borders.

Well this is it for today. I will probably add another post tomorrow depending on how things go. I'll only be able to post on non-school nights until the semester ends, which is in 4 weeks, not counting finals week. Wish me luck that I finish with a bang!

And remember Think Green!!!

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