Thursday, June 4, 2009

Things I Love Thursday!

It's been a while since I last updated this blog, and I thought I would add another "Things I Love Thursday!"

For today's Things I Love Thursday, I sort of went eco-chic.

First, PRETTY BOWS!!!! Gabby Estep and Emma Hartman are these sweet girls that make bows out of duct tape. They are darling and cute and purdy! Plus, they sell the bows to give a portion of their proceeds go towards stopping Global Warming. You can buy a bow in their website and you can also check out their blog to learn more about their cause.

Flowers in a can! This is toooo cute! Why not use recycled cans to grow flowers?!!

Buy a bag, feed a child. If you purchase one of these bags, you save the use of a plastic bag and you feel one child for a full year. This program was started by Lauren Bush and you can purchase a bag and learn more about her project on the FEED project website.

I L-O-V-E loooove make-up and my cousin Maritza can vouch for me on that, and what better way to love make up than to buy eco friendly make-up. CARGO has a great line of make-up that's organic, it has biodegradable packaging and even the boxes they are purchased with can be watered and planted to grow your own little garden. Check out the line at a Sephora near you or on their website.

I love these totes! Mostly because there's one with my favorite Zodiac (Cancer) Fairy, but they are really cute. I'm waiting for mine to come in the mail! They are organic and spacious to carry your things in. You can check them out on eBay or the actual website.

Shoes! Who doesn't like shoes! These shoes by Keds are made from organic cotton, recycled rubber, and soy-based inks and dyes. What better way to walk on this earth than with shoes that are good for the earth.

I like to listen to my iPod out loud usually when no one is around, or when my friends want to hear what I'm listening to, but it's too much work to carry my iHome around. These speakers fold up so that you can travel with them easily and they are made from recycled plastic. You can find these cute speakers and in other shapes and colors on the Fashionation website.

Whether it's your shampoo of your eye shadow, changing just one product in your beauty regimen to a natural or organic one can be a great first step. Teens Turning Green is a great organization that created products that we use everyday, but they are natural. Check out their line to see if there is something that you can change.

Etsy is one of the greatest websites ever invented! It works just like eBay, but it's more of a market place for hand made things. They also have recycled items, or vintage items. In other words, you buy and you reuse something that might have ended up in a land fill. I love it because it's the best place to find one-of-a-kind things, or gifts for people that are hard to get gifts for. Check it out!

Lastly, and this is my latest addiction (and my cousin Maritza's as well)...
YOGURTLAND!!!!!!!! ***Angels sing***
It is the best self-serve frozen yogurt store ever!!!!!!!!!! If you've never been, then you need to. It's sooooo gooooood!!!!! I'm going to get some today! Check out their website for a location near you. The reason they are eco, or at least the reason that I know of is that the plastic spoons that you use to eat your delicious fro-yo is biodegradable. That's eco enough for me! Hahahaha!
(My favorite: NY Cheesecake and Strawberry frozen yogurt, topped with strawberries, raspberries, cheesecake bits, and white yogurt chocolate chips, along with a bit of caramel syrup! *** More Angels sing***)

This is it for today. I'm off to get fro-yo. I WANT SOME NOW!!!

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