Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And She Has Risen from Death...

Oh gosh I've been totally MIA! School has been my prison for the past 3 months. I did, however, survive with nothing bellow a B, so I'm pretty jolly right now.

Christmas came and went, and I must have been a really good girl because Santa brought me a ton of STUFF!!! I'll post more on that later, but first I need mention a new "marathon" I signed up for.

In the month of January Lori from Pure Imagination is hosting...


I have a month to read at least one book from the Harry Potter series, but I plan to read all 7 before I enter school on January 25. I'm sure I won't have time to read the minute I enter school. I plan to read each book in 3 days and watch the corresponding film after I read the book. I will post about my progress as I move along. I hope this works! I will still have a few days left over if I fall a bit behind. Wish me luck because I didn't do too well in the Jane Austen reading challenge (I had a year to fulfill it... it didn't work out...).

I'm going out of town for the New Year and I'll be starting the read-a-thon there. I'll be wi-fi less while there, so I won't be able to post anything until I get back on the 2nd.

Love you dolls!

Love and Sugar from me, Jess

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