Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best of 2010!

Hello dolls! With the year coming to an end, I want to work on my Best of 2010! From books that I've read, to films that's I've watched, to my favorite music of the year! Let me start out with my favorite subject, BOOKS!!!

Best series I read: The Hunger Games series

This great series ended this year, but the ride was so much fun. I had a few issues with the last book, but I've discussed it at length with a ton of my friends, so I'll just let it go.

Best Hot Scene in a book: Shiver

I can't pick a particular scene, that's too hard. This entire book is HOT! Can't wait for the last book in this series! (Out July 12, 2011)

Favorite book of 2010: Beautiful Creatures

I started 2010 reading Beautiful Creatures and it still stands as my favorite book overall, and it gets crowned as the book of the year! Going to start 2011 by reading the sequel, Beautiful Darkness!

Best Film of 2010: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1

This film is pretty much the most awaited film of the decade! If you missed it then you better get your self to a theater to watch it!

Best of Animated film: Tangled

Disney has recreated one of the most beloved films in a heart felt way. Tangled is Walt Disney Animated Studio's 50th animated film. It all started with Snow White and it leaded up to this great film! Totally recommend it!

Best Soundtrack: Almost Alice

An entire album where the songs are just dedicated to our favorite Alice is just genius. Using today's great music artists with just one theme brought together a great collection.

Best Music Album of the year: Tell Your Mama

I've mentioned The Vespers several times this year, on my blog, on twitter, on faceobok, and I can not get enough of them! Their first album, Tell Your Mama, became my favorite of the year. I hope they release another album soon because 13 songs are not enough to explore their greatness!

Stand by for my list of most awaited books, films and music of 2011! I just need to figure out when I want to post it (tomorrow, or have it post itself on January 1, 2011).

Thanks for reading!

Love and Sugar from me, Jess