Thursday, June 17, 2010

From the Stacks!

Welcome to another "From the Stacks." I don't have a book to show you. Just a film, but not just any film! I got To Kill a Mockingbird!

As you can see from last week's "In my Shopping Bag," I purchased the book To Kill a Mockingbird. I loved it soooooo much I just had to watch the film!!! Best film ever! The film was very similar to the book. They dropped a few characters that could have made the film better and made the book excellent, but it was still good. Loved that fact that it was in black and white. Gregory Peck was excellent Atticus, and the children that played Scout and Jem were really cute and were great actors. Totally recommend this film, whether you have read the book or not. It's one of those films that can change your life. I say this because the views, situations and problems are still around in our time as it was during the Depression.

That's all for today dolls. Stay tuned for one more post tomorrow!

Love and Sugar from me, Sweet Lady Jess

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