Sunday, August 8, 2010

In My Mailbox 7 and From the Stacks!

For this week's "In My Mailbox" and "From the Stacks," I have a few things to share. As you can tell I combined the both since I only got one item in my mailbox.

I won a copy of Linger! Hahaha! Lol I know, I have my own copy and it's personalized and signed. I'm still grateful to The Well-Read Wife for giving me this copy. I also won a wolf bookmark. I plan to keep the bookmark and I plan to give Linger away, I'm just not sure to who yet. I just have to tell this person that this is the second book of the series.
I also got three books and two films from the library. I picked up Eat, Pray, Love, We Hear the Dead, and Alice in the Country of Hearts Volume 1. I hope I finish Eat, Pray, Love before the film is released in theaters on August 13.

I then went browsing a little and found The Curse of the Golden Flower and The Fountain. I've been wanting to watch both of those films for a while.

That's it for this weeks "In My Mailbox" and "From the Stacks!" Thanks for reading!

Love and Sugar from me, Jess

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  1. I'm a new follower and already love your blog!!! Great book choices! I was fortunate to meet the author of Shiver & Linger at a book signing a few weeks ago! She's amazing! Eat, Pray, Love rocked and I hope you're able to finish before Friday!!!

    You also won't be disappointed by We Hear The Dead! I enjoyed it!!