Wednesday, May 26, 2010

From the Stacks 2

More books! Yay! Not mine, of course, but books none the less. I sparked my Marie Antoinette love by reading this great book!

The Bad Queen: Rules and Instruction for Marie Antoinette was excellent. The author, Carolyn Meyer, used real people that Marie Antoinette knew, and direct quotes used by the people around her from letters written to her or by those she knew. I had to borrow it from my cousin Maritza's county library system, since mine did not have it. It took me three days to read it. Hahaha! It's on my wish list, that's how much I loved it! Getting it in the future!

I've also been borrowing the Kingdom Hearts manga from the library for a while now, and I've had the song "Simple and Clean" by Utada Hikaru from the video game soundtrack for a while now. My doll Isabel gave it to me a looooooooong time ago, but I couldn't find it so I decided to borrow the Kingdom Hearts Game Soundtrack from the library.

Real soon we are going to get a new TV series!!!! Yay! Starting on June 8th on ABC Family we are going to get Pretty Little Liars, based off the book series by Sara Shepard by the same name. I really want to read at least the first book before the show starts to I got this!!!

I have about a week to read this book, which I think I can do... I hope... If it's good... lol

Alright, that's it for this week! Take care dolls!

Lots of Love and Sugar from me, Sweet Lady Jess

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