Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In My Mailbox 4

Yay! Another great "In My Mailbox." Tons of stuff for this week! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

I won another contest! I won a signed The Tudor Wife by Emily Purdy (Known as Brandy Purdy in the US), a UK edition of The Boleyn Wife. It was offered by the author in her blog. I won this contest by making a comment about her cat Tabby. Very cute! You can see the information about the contest information here.

Guess what? I won another contest!!! This time around I won a ton of Romantic Times Convention 2010 swag. LOTS OF IT! Let me give me an overview of the items that I won.

Lots of bookmarks!

Note pads! (Love the one with the fangs. Tee hee!)

Mouse pads, preview audio books, and romance book sneak peaks.

Buttons and magnets

Miscellaneous stuff!

More Miscellaneous stuff!

I won this stuff by commenting about an argument between Kari Stevens, a big fan of Romance novels and Chain Cow, her stuffed animal... Yeah... Anyways, I won a bunch a stuff. I'm only keeping about half of it. I'm not into romance novels. At least not the contemporary ones. You can read about the contest here.

Now there was a magnet that I loved:

I don't have a use for a magnet, so I decided to make it into a button by destroying one of the other buttons. I needed the pin portion of the button to attach it to the magnet.

Here is the end result before I attacked it with the glue gun.

Remember how I L-O-V-E free stuff? Well I got some free stuff in the mail!

I won this shirt through the above website on They don't have anymore left, but the giveaway went well. 1,000,000 t-shirts in a few hours. Love the shirt. My mom loved it too! Tee hee! Going to wear it soon.

Lastly, you may remember last weeks "Things I Love Thursday." Well, I finally got the tote, the journal, The Iron King and Thirst No. 1 from Barnes & Noble! Yay! I have been waiting for the UPS guy all day!!!! He came at about 6:00 or so.

That's it for this weeks "In My Mailbox." Stand by for "From the Stacks" sometime by the end of the week.

Lots of Love and Sugar from me, Sweet Lady Jess


  1. Forget the flairs and magnets! I love that cow stuffed animal! It's a bit strange how I adore cows (not the real ones, just stuffed ones lol) considering I can't even stand the smell of milk.. Wow you really did win tons of stuff. Next time send some of your luck this way por favor! :)

    Oh and how on earth did you turn the magnet into a flair? You're so talented. I never could have done that..