Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday

Hey hey!!! I wanted to welcome you to this great Wednesday by working on a new feature! It's called Waiting on Wednesday. I found the feature by wandering around in a ton of other great blogs. Again, it will mostly be about books, but if I'm really anxious to tell you about another item, I'll just post it here. For the first Waiting on Wednesday feature, I want to talk about a new book in the House of Night series that's coming out this year.

Now keep in mind, this is not the next novel in the series. The next novel in the series is Awakened, which is set to come out on January 4, 2011. As you can tell, I'm also waiting for this novel, but the book that I'm showing above is a book which can be read about in the series. In other words, it's a book within a book. The Fledgling Handbook 101 is a manual that all new, incoming fledglings are given when they enter the House of Night. It's really cool for us non-fledglings to be given a chance to read it! I can not wait for this book. I don't really have to wait long, it's going to come out on October 26, 2010!!! Yay!!!!

Here's the trailer for the new book, Burned, which came out a few weeks ago (and I've been waiting to borrow from the library and finally got).

I'm off! Expect at least one more post this week. You know what tomorrow is...

Love and Sugar from me, Sweet Lady Jess

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