Sunday, May 16, 2010

In My Mailbox 3 and In My Shopping Bag 2

Yay! Another edition of In My Mailbox and In My Shopping Bag! I'll start out this week with the items that came in my mail box.

I'm a big fan of Disney movies and if you register with, you can trade in codes in each movie for points that you can redeem for stuff! Everyone loves stuff. I've redeemed a few points before, but for virtual items for an old online game called Virtual Magic Kingdom (it was shut down in May of 2008). This time around I redeemed my points for an actually item I can hold in my hands. Haha! I was able to get the Alice in Wonderland poster you see above. I already hung it up in my room, on my closet door actually. Totally loves it. So if you like free stuff, get it, or other Disney stuff.

I won another contest! Yay! Hahaha! Like my cousin Maritza said, I'm on a roll! The contest was made by the sweet doll over at Delightful Reviews. Here's the contest info. I won The Naughty List (Stop giggling! Stop that! It's not what you think! It's a Young Adult book, what would you expect in a Young Adult book...? Certainly not strong Adult themes...) by Suzanne Young. It was signed and had a cute message in it. I also won a signed book mark, which you can see a little closer bellow.

Lastly, I got these great Brush Guards in the mail this week. What is a Brush Guard you ask?

The Brush Guard can help protect your brushes from getting dirt on them and can help you clean them if you slip a washed and clean brush through a brush guard, turn the brush upside down so the water slips downwards and you can do this without ruining your brush!

Here are my bushes being protected by The Brush Guard! There are different sized guards and you can buy them in different packs. I got the variety pack and it was just $5.50. All packs are $5.50 and shipping is already included in the price. Check out to get your set today!

(Just for your info, I was not payed to say all of that. I just like them that much!)

Now, for the item in my shopping bag! This past week I got the chance to purchase The Young Victoria! Yay! I've seen the film twice since I've purchased it. Too lovely!

The film is a bio-pic based on the early years of the reign of Queen Victoria, the sovereign that ruled England the longest! The film is also about her relationship with Prince Albert, her husband. Totally recommend it!

Well that's it for this week's In My Mailbox and In My Shopping Bag. Keep reading. I'll be posting more as my semester wraps up. Expect more posts this week!

Love and Sugar from me, Sweet Lady Jess

P.S. Happy Birthday little bro, even though you don't read my blog. You're legal now!!!

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