Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things I Love Thursday!

Haha! Another Things I Love Thursday! Sweeeeeet! This weeks TILT is going to be random again. Some things might be connected, others might not.
I absolutely love this film! No one can tear this great Queen apart and this film is great at showing her strength. I recommend it to anyone that loves historical films, political films, or romance films. Here's the trailer to get your taste buds flowing (Yes I know you can't eat a film, but you know what I mean...):

This tote is going to be mine real soon! It's double sided and it has two quotes. My favorite side is the one pictured above and its says: "When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes" by Erasmus. The other side is pictured bellow and it says: "My best friend is a person who will get me a book I have not read" by Abraham Lincoln.
It seems like you can only get this tote at Barnes & Noble or online. It's very sturdy and made of great material. My cousin Maritza is one that told me about this tote. Will get it soon!

This journal is everything I could possibly want in a journal! It's all about books, and it's called the Books to Check Out Journal. It's a great way to keep track of books you have read, are reading, want to read, or are lending out to friends. It's a bit like the Moleskin Book Passion Journal I mentioned a few posts back, but this one is cheaper and more colorful. The cover is really darling! You can purchase this book at Barnes & Noble (that's where I first saw it) or on Amazon.

My new favorite person is Michelle Phan! She is an absolute genius! She has online YouTube tutorials on makeup and beauty. The first video I saw was her Sailor Moon transformation video, but I have two favorite videos from her. The first one is the Squeaky Clean Brushes! tutorial:

This tutorial is amazing because I've been hearing about all of the germs that can be on your brush if you don't wash it. She provided an easy and inexpensive way to clean our makeup brushes. You also hear about The Brush Guard in this video, which if you can remember from Sunday, I received in the mail a little while ago.

My next favorite video is her Theme Park Makeup video. Whether I'm at a theme park or not, I have issues keeping my makeup on my face. This tutorial is cute and easy. Loves it!!! Going to try it the next time I go to Disneyland!

My favorite beauty product right now is Clinique's All About Eyes cream. It actually does what it's suppose to do. It diminishes the appearance of puffy eyes, dark circles and fine lines. I use this at night and my eyes look a little less puffy and dark in the morning. Love this product a lot!!!!!

I totally love this House of Night jewelry. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this jewelry before, but if I have, awww well, I still love it! I've yet to get the jewelry for myself, but it's on my list! I plan to get the set you see above, but instead of the "Fire" tag, I want to get the "Water" tag, since that is my element. You can see the entire collection here.
Lastly, here's the last piece in my House of Night obsession. T-Shirts! Everyone loves T-Shirts. This CafePress House of Night Shop has excellent T-Shirts. The one pictured above is just one of the many that are available. Take your pick! I would want the one above and the one that says "Affinity" but the water one.

Well that's it for this weeks Things I Love Thursday. Can't wait to blog all summer because today was my last day of class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooooooot!!! ***Goes to burn all her text books, but decides that she can get money from them, so she doesn't do it..***

Till next time! Love and Sugar from me, Sweet Lady Jess


  1. Woot Woot! How did your finals go, Jess?

    I'd buy that tote bag if it didn't have Lincoln's name on it. I'll look political walking around with a bag that has his name printed on and the only party I support is Christmas..

    I owe you an overdue thank you for the facebook message! That really helped. Next time if I run into Antoinette related problems, I'm gonna holler at you. Hope you're okay with it ;)

  2. Hahaha! That's why I like the quote by Erasmus (who I've never heard of... Lol) Still gonna get the tote!

    Oh your welcome. Of course, I love spreading my knowledge of my favorite Queen! Any time you need info, you know who to get a hold of!