Friday, May 14, 2010

Kelley Armstrong Signing!

As you may recall, I mentioned that I was going to Kelley Armstrong's signing at Borders in Torrence. Well, I went!!! Yay!!! I was practically counting down the days until her book signing! Here's a report!
I got to Borders at about 6 or so. The seats had been set up and my doll Sergio had saved seats for my mom and me.

Kelley came a little past 7 and started off by reading the prologue to her next book in the Darkest Powers series, which is called The Gathering (to be expected some time next March, April or May, I can remember right now...). You can read for yourself the passage that she read to us by going to this website, scrolling down a little, and clicking on where it says "exclusive sneak peek at The Gathering."

She then took questions from people and to get it rolling, she offered two mouse pads with this image (or something like it, since I put together this image):

The mouse pad had the Chibi (Cutey) version of the main characters from the book series. I didn't get a mouse pad, but a ton of people asked questions. The ones that I felt where the most important where if she was going to write any more novellas besides Dangerous, which can be found here. Keep in mind that novella means short story based off a book. Stephenie Meyer is going to do that soon with The Short Life of Bree Tanner. Can't wait for that book.

But back to the signing: She mentioned that she's going to write two other novellas. One based on the time that Tori and Simon were together, alone, in The Awakening, and the other one is about Simon and Derek and where they were after they escaped Lyle House in between The Summoning and The Awakening. Can't wait to read those!
She also explained about the meaning about the different stones in the covers. In a nut shell, the persons that designed the covers made her add the idea of the necklace/stones into her story. She didn't like it for the first two books and they didn't make her explain the purple stone in the third book. However, don't tell her publishing company I told you this... ^_- Hahaha!

We then got the chance to get our books signed, take a picture with her and get a piece of swag! She was giving away buttons with the pictures of the characters from the book, like the ones in the image I provided above. I had a hard time picking just one! Kelley said that people usually take all the Derek ones first, the Chloe ones second and the rest up until there is only Simon ones left. She was sort of sad about that. However, I took the Chloe one and my doll Sergio took a Simon one. Kelley was very happy about that. Haha!

Here's Sergio's button (Picture provided by Sergio. Thanks doll!)

Here's the button I got along with a picture of the button on my backpack and all of my other buttons on it.

Lastly here's a picture of my books signed by Kelley. To get a close up of the messages that she wrote on each one, head off to my facebook album and you can see those pictures and many more from the signing to your hearts content.

Well that's it for my report on the signing. I hope you like it and keep reading!

Lots of Love and Sugar from me, Jess


  1. I want a "I Love Jane" button.

    BTW, your blog is so cute and fun. I LOVE your avy picture. Bravo bravo!

  2. Thank you so much for your gracious comments! You can get the button here!,28838932